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Captain of Creative Concepts

Ah yes, Montana. If ever there were ever a captain of photography, it'd be this guy. You can tell from the images in our portfolio that his creative ship started sailing a long time ago. With over 20 years of experiece, he brings along the expertise AND the fun. Running on roughly 15 cups of coffee a day he leaves no image left behind and you'll be amazed at just how hard it is to keep up with his creative mind. From the summit of Kilimanjaro to the Oval office photographing presidents, Montana has been shooting on his own since the stone age, and even had a pager number on his first business card. Fresh from a 3 year stint in brooklyn and now living the good life in Palm Beach, his focus is on the beauty and detail of every situation. Favorite drink you ask? single malt scotch (neat please).

Traci Edwards

Executor of Logistics

The great state of Texas wasn't big enough to stop Traci from pursuing her darkroom dreams. We knew she had the right stuff when she flew in for an interview in French Lick, Indiana on one days notice. Never hesitating and answering with a yeehaawww yes when offered the job she started smiling and packing immediately. We are pretty sure there may have been a few margaritas at her favorite watering hole while packing up her apartment. 

Leaving the lone star state this North Carolina native hopped in her car with two cats in tow and made the 1,200 mile trek over the hills and through the woods to South Florida only stopping for cat naps and lemonade. Starting work the next morning after a couple of hours of sleep she has been in charge ever since. Always "suggesting" to the team what needs to be done during the team meeting Traci runs a tight ship from booking flights to casting models. She has mastered the "hand out for the receipt" pose after dinners and can recite available dates to potential clients on a moments notice. 

Starting her collegiate career at Eastern Carolina University she quickly realized that beer pong and jello shot making shouldn't be an integral part of the curriculum so she transferred to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she mastered her mad photo skills. Shooting everything from babies to race horses she brings a fresh perspective to the team. 

After just a few trips she has learned she loves plenty of non-Carolina cuisine skyrocketing her to the "i'll try it" club food level. Always on the search for the infamous North Carolina Mexican food (we still aren't sure its real) she has mastered the Montana style restaurant selection process like no other. Brussel sprouts? Check, Edison style lamps? Check, hand crafted cocktails? Reservation for three please. Never filling up too much to hamper her chocolate addiction she can spot a desert menu a mile away. No coffee please, hot chocolate you say? Why, yes. 

Her nemesis you ask? Red ants...just take her to the ER.

Favorite drink?  Shot of fireball and an ace pear cider please.

Hailey Garrett

Social Media Alchemist

Fresh off a gig in the land down under, Hailey hit the states running by walking into the studio for an interview and impressing the team with her ninja speed typing skills. After verifying she wasn't fake typing we offered her the job and she jumped at the chance to join the team starting 12 hours later. We are positive she slept outside the studio to make sure she was on time the next day and we are also pretty sure when she said yes she didn't realize she can't be on her phone all day. 

On her first shoot she showcased her remarkable talent of wrangling a ladder and sprinting 200 yards leaving many a strong man in her wake and saving the day. Thousands of miles and only a few ladders later she has never complained and is always cheerful. She is the poster child for an optimist making her a perfect travel companion for the team. Never one to let a good trip and fall slow her down she is first one to the studio every morning eager for what comes next. 

Like a western quick draw gunslinger in a romper, she can google, snapchat and post on instagram at the same time while tagging people and checking in. A recent graduate of the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale she has become the grey card queen and with a plethora of selfie looks at her disposal she is poised to break the internet with one more post. Her light meter skills have become legendary among assistants this side of the Mississippi.

Embracing Sunday fun-day like its her job Hailey brings the fun everywhere she rides her Alice and Olivia Beach Cruiser. In fact, we can still hear her ringing the bell to warn oncoming traffic/joggers/pedestrians of her arrival. To far to ride her bike? No problem because über is her middle name. 

Favorite drink? Old fashion or Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Tequila... just surprise me.