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Friday, October 25, 2013
By Megan
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We recently spent a couple of weeks in the United Kingdom shooting on location.

We started out the trip flying into Newcastle, England. So since we had a bit of time we decided to explore the city a little. We visited the Castle which was amazing-its a medieval structure that began construction in 1080 and continued to have renovations and additions to the property for many years. It has 14 inch thick walls and the Castle Keep and Black Gate were still in operation as well. Following our physical map- no google maps for us in England; we popped in and out of antique stores, cozy restaurants and made our way to Slaley Hall where we would be shooting and staying. Below you will find images of adventures we found along the way:

Hadrian’s Wall which was built by the Romans

Slaley Hall

Magificanet sunrise that greeted us almost every morning.

PGA Cup Action

Our next stop in the United Kingdom was Gleneagles in Scotland for the Ryder Cup Year to Go event. The fast-paced, whirlwind of 3 days got the whole team pumped up for Ryder Cup Next year- Go Team USA!!

We below for more photos from the beginning of our leg in Scotland.

Luvian’s & The Bottle Shop with our good friend Matthew

North Sea

Sea glass from the North Sea

St. Andrews Cathedral

Once we were done with work, we decided to stay a few extra days and enjoy Scotland. Our Adventures began with taking Montana for his birthday to the Phoenix Falconry. We had the most amazing instructor who has been training birds for over 25 years. We got to hold 5 different birds and see a demonstration with a 6th. The entire team agreed it was one of the coolest things any of us had ever done. If you are ever in Scotland make sure to visit Phoenix Falconry.


It was hard to leave the Falconry, but we were able to pull ourselves away so that we could go shoot Trump’s course in Aberdeen, Scotland. This course is right on the ocean and so beautiful. We spent a bit of time chasing around light s we could make the perfect image. See below for some awesome photos.


From Trump's we made our way to the Isle of Islay. We were not even close to prepared for the amount of awesomeness that was about to happen on this little island. We started with lunch at the Ardbeg Distillery and then took a drive around the island to see as many attractions as possible..and we were also in search of the perfect camping spot. We set up camp on the water where we could watch the sun set. The next morning we drove around looking for more attractions to see visited the distillery of Montana’s favorite Scotch-or as they say, whiskey-Laphroaig. After the distillery we drove around some more and had a spectacular night of sightseeing and animal spotting. That night we set up camp in the same area because it was so perfect. We built a fire and Kat taught us some basics of Irish Dancing...around the camp fire- it was epic. The next morning we zoomed around the island and took in a few more sights. While on the ferry back to the main island Kat finally got to see a seal. See below for pictures from the Isle of Islay.

Arriving to Islay

Highland cow

Animal whispering at it's finest

Setting up camp

Team photo!

Laphroaig Distillery

Sunrise at our camp site

Can you spot the Row Deer?

Islay Woollen Mill where they made the tartan used in Braveheart. And we were told the queen has made a few appearances there.

Fort and chapel ruins

Deer forest...see how many you can spot.

Leaving Islay

Our last night was spent in Glasgow, but our drive there was quite eventful. Pictures below.

Kat at Loch Lomond where her family is from.

Please note the hare near the middle of the photo sprinting in front of Megan. She thought she was about to be attacked by a wild animal from the look on Kat and Montana's faces.


And last, but not least...we couldn't have a post without it - food.

The traditional Haggas

Megan's salad from Deseo at Gleneagles that she enjoyed so much she had it several days in a row.

Typical UK break of eggs and baked beans

Breakfast sandwich with black pudding

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