Bermuda Baby!
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Monday, October 29, 2012
By Kat
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Hello from Bermuda!


This past week we were in Bermuda photographing the PGA Grand Slam of Golf at the lovely Port Royal Golf Club. The tournament lasted 2 days and ended with Ireland's Padraig Harrington taking home the trophy. He is only the 2nd European to ever win the Grand Slam and a true gentleman with amazing sportsmanship. He is also hilarious.

A view of the course


Amazing sunset!


On our first day we photographed a caddie and his wife for their 10th wedding anniversary. We did a beautiful shoot on the beach and the couple were amazing to photograph. It so happens that they never recieved their wedding photos from the actual wedding 10 years ago, so this turned about to be a blessing in disguise because they got some amazing photographs on a beautiful island!

Montana photographing the couple inside an ocean cave.


We also made a trip to the local zoo/aquarium which was fantastic. They recently acquired a new Madagascar exibit complete with Lemurs. We also saw seals, a wallabe, and one very VERY large lobster. This guy was the topic of conversation for much of the week. He was HUGE! Just to give you an idea, the other lobster in the tank was pretty healthy and large for a regular lobster. That regular lobster was probably the size of one of this mutant's legs.

This guy was HUGE!


On our last day on the island we had the wonderful opportunity to take a boat tour with one of our friends and local Bermudian, Allen Waring. We traveled around one side of the island seeing each town from the ocean view. The water was so clear we could see the bottom at 60 ft deep! We snorkeled, swam and enjoyed a massive picnic on the boat as well as lots of stories and info about the island, all which was very interesting. I also managed to get a cliff jump in twice!

This photo was taken underwater with out trusty LifeProof case for iPhone.


We also went to a lighthouse near our hotel. We climbed to the top and were able to go out onto the balcony and see a 360 degree view of the island. It was breathtaking! All those stairs however, were not so much fun.



Talk about amazing food! This trip was one of the best for meals and defintely amazing seafood. One of Montana's favorite restaurants in Bermuda is The Swizzle Inn. It is a local favorite and has two locations on the island. They are the inventors of the Rum Swizzle, a fruity drink made with Gosling's Rum. Delicious and island worthy! We all three ended up getting wings which were delicious, as well as two pitchers of Rum Swizzle. We also visted The Flying Fish in Hamilton for a night of sushi, The Seabreeze in Southampton for a feast of delicious tapas and desert oceanside, and Henry VII for a traditional English pub style dinner. We would highly recommend checking these places out should you ever get a chance to visit beautiful Bermuda!

The menu at the Swizzle Inn, a newspaper!


The Flying Fish in Hamilton

The Hog Penny Pub

A delicious bowl of French Onion Soup made with Bermuda Onions!


All in all it was a great trip, a wonderful tournament, and an awesome opportunity thanks to our local friends! Next week we are off to Baltimore, MD for the PGA Annual Meeting.



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