Dominican Republic and Jolly Frost
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014
By Kat Griggs
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Hola amigos de montanaphoto!

We recently returned from a wonderful trip abroad to the Dominican Republic shooting for popsicle company Jolly Frost! What a beautiful island it is! The people were all so friendly and with our trusty translator (Kat) along our side we learned some spanish as well as spoke some! On our first day we stopped at an amazing high-end restaurant called Don Pepe's, had the most delicious paella I think any of us have ever tried and enjoyed meeting the team and the client. After lunch the ladies traveled to the local market to shop for fruit which was an adventure in and of itself! Beautiful produce everywhere, busy streets, locals everywhere, it was truly amazing and a one of a kind experience. We traveled from Santo Domingo to our location for the weekend, Punta Cana. We photographed in a beautiful cabana-style resort home on the beach as well as the factory where the popsicles are made. We enjoyed a trip to the mountains and saw where the fruit was grown and learned about the health benefits of each, saw some amazing views and relaxed in a hammock with some ginger tea. After some late nights shooting we wrapped our stay with an hour siesta on the most beautiful beach I think any of us have ever seen, the kind that makes you feel like you're part of a screensaver. It was truly breathtaking. Below are some photos from the trip as well as some of the shots we made for Jolly Frost. As they say in spanish, disfruta! (enjoy!)

Prop Stylist: Lisa Edsalv


Behind the Scenes and Exploring:

                                                           The market! In Santo Domingo on our first day.

                                                            Kat with all of the bags of fresh grains!

                                                          This is a photo of the town across from where the market was, such pretty colors for all the buildings!

                                                           A pit stop at Boca Chica beach on the way to Punta Cana!

                                                           Our first shooting location, Punta Cana Resort! Such a beautiful view!

                                                           A quick pit stop lunch, picnic style, and time for a team photo!

                                                           Another view from the resort, that is a huge cliff leading into the ocean in the distance.

                                A panorama of the mountains on our drive up, beautiful foggy morning!

                                                           This is the beautiful bed and breakfast we went to to see the fruit trees and learn all about them! shot from the hammock :)

                               The ocean was so blue it was fake looking!

                               Our last day, fresh pina coladas!                                  Kat and Megan posing for a photo in the produce market            The beach in Punta Cana, like a screensaver!


Final Product:

                               A stack of all the flavors, alongside orange


                                               Guava (pronounced guyava there)

                               Chinola (papaya)

                                               In most spanish speaking countries, lemon and lime are both Limon, differentiated by color, lime is limon verde (green) and lemon is limon amarillo (yellow)


              This one was the absolute best one. Passion Fruit with Creme. It was a passionfruit popsicle with a dulce de leche creme inside. Kat ate about 11 in one day and almost died of hyperactiveness


                                               Passion Fruit (no creme) they have both flavors, this one is amazing but doesn't quite match up to the one with creme.


                                               Watermelon! We loved how the pops looking almost identical to the actual fruit

                                                Tamarindo or Tamarind, very interesting one. The fruit itself tastes like a sourpatch kid without any of the sweetness. The popsicle tasted like canned green beans.




                          And last, the signature pop of Jolly Frost, Strawberry! They have regular strawberry as well as Strawberry with Creme which is also a delight. We love the stacked pops shots we took of these.

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