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Friday, September 14, 2012
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A closer look at...

Kat Griggs




Master of Media


Favorite Animal:

Giraffe, I love their eyes and their long eyelashes. I especially love the baby giraffes. 


Favorite Word: Marsh (noun; a tract of low wetland, often treeless and periodically inundated, generally characterized by a growth of grasses, sedges, cattails, and rushes.) 


Food you couldn't live without: Lebanese! Hummus, pita, grape leaves, babganoush, couscous, tabouli, yummm.


Favorite TV Shows:  Dexter, Project Runway, Wilfred, Lost


If we were looking in your closet what would we find? A big problem. I currently use a closet as well as half a spare bedroom for all my clothes. I have a large shoe and dress collection. 


Favorite Music: Right now...The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd


Favorite City: NYC!


Things you love: NYC, my dogs, dogs in general, water sports (sailing, water skiing, swimming), the beach, fashion, 


Do you have any collections? Yes! I recently started collecting jadeite. I currently have a set of mixing bowls and measuring cups, a set of small plates and a butter dish!


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