Longs Peak 14,000ft !
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Monday, July 21, 2014
By Kat and Megan
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You may have seen in our social media posts that we recently took a studio-bonding trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park, more specifically to climb Longs Peak! We had a great time in spite of some interesting turns in weather that prevented us from making it to the top, but like we had said from the beginning, its about the journey! We spent 4 days in the park camping and hiking and also managed to see Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins! Below are some photos from our trip, we hope you enjoy!

Our pre-mountains dinner in dever at Rootdown. A highly suggested stop if you are in the Denver area.


A beer before the backcountry at CooperSmith's Pub and Brewery in Fort Collins.

Our shopping cart at REI full of goodies! Also Kat's pack all full and ready to go, new hat attached!

Thomson Canyon on our ways to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Entering Rocky Mountain National Park!

One of our first views once we got some elevation upon entering the park. Not too shabby.

Kat and Megan preparing the first of many delicious meals on our camping stove

A group of Elk gathered on a snowcovered hillside, we saw them almost as soon as we entered the park!

A very large bull Elk grazes in a field, see the velvet on his antlers!?

Another bull looking down over the hill!

Estes Cone, 11,000 ft up and one of our hiking goals.

Estes Cones, only another .7 miles, which you think would feel like nothing, until it's straight up!

Kat and Megan atop Estes Cone, almost 11,000 feet up! Required some rock climbing to reach the top

Team MPP managed a selfie ontop of Estes Cone, Longs Peak in the background!

Megan displays her feelings of exhaustion atop Estes Cone, view of Longs Peak in the background

One of my favorite shots, this was on top of Estes Cone, a Bristle Cone Pine tree in the front, the oldest living thing on earth!

Left Kat and Megan hiking up Estes Cone and right is our very first campsite in Goblin's Forest!

Packs off for a resting break on the trail.

Signage for our 2nd nights campground, Moore Park!

Our Moore Park tent site! Kat was all bundled up because the breeze was chilly that evening.

These boots are no longer made for walking. Montana's boots have seen their last trip. Montana got creative and used sap (pictured left) and packing straps to temporarily mend his shoes.

Long days of hiking caused some knee pain for Kat. The water in the springs, brooks and streams was cold enough for "icing".

Does anyone know Kat's favorite tree? It's the Quaking Aspen, pictured above.

Megan's favorite flower found on the trail- the Indian Paintbrush, also known at the Wyoming State Flower (left) and more aspens (right).


Megan and Montana on a trail in a Ponderosa Pine area. 

Kat taking in the beautiful scenery.

Team selfie in the mountains.

Lovely rainbow sighting on the left and Megan adjusting her hiking poles on the right.

Our third campsite at Upper Wind River.

Montana enjoying a book by the brook one afternoon.

Megan preparing for dinner one night. Tempatures got into the low 40s so hats and long sleeves were required.

A grouse and two of her three her babies that Megan spotted on a trail early one morning.

Montana posing for a photo near a dam that we ran across.

Megan and Montana leading that way. This is when we were heading back into civilization to fix our broken water filter.

Signage for the Alpine Tundra ecosytsem. One that has endured a lot of damage in recents years and has the hardest time bouncing back from damage.

Just one of the spectacular views we enjoyed.

A little warning for what was to come...

Megan sitting down and taking a break after just getting hammered by a hail storm. This was the point where we decided it was best to turn around and not continue to the top. Note the incoming storm on the right. Yikes. We were above tree line and there was nothing to protect us from lightning and other storm elements.

On our way down the mountain, but still smiling. Again, note the storm on the right.

Team selfie to commemorate when we decided to turn around. Sun is out between storms, but another was on the way!

Beautiful, but we don't challenge mother nature.

Megan on the trail (left) and our prius patiently waiting on the side of the road during a brief excursion (right, pre-backcountry) .

We may have been off the mountain, but our sense of adventure had not been abandoned. We set off in search of wildlife in RMNP. Here is Megan perched and waiting, hoping to spot some big horn sheep.

Rock Cut trail area. Metamorphic rocks formations with sparkley quartz.

The Yellow-Bellied Marmot, Kat's spirit animal. We enjoyed watching these critters scamper around the tundra terrain, in and out of their home in the rocks.

Ride'm cowboy (left) and another yellow-bellied marmot warming on a rock (right).

It didn't matter how many days we were there, the views never stopped surprising or amazing us.

Lava Cliffs and snow on one of the trails.

Spotted, a female elk (cow) and her baby (calf).

We made it to the top of Mount Evans:)

Mountain goat! One of Kat's missions was to find mountain goats and snap a few pictures for her dad since they are his favorite animal. The whole team was thrilled when we finally found some on our last day. These two guys posed for Kat and even began to approach her. It's like they were helping her out!

Two billy goats (boys) on Mount Evans.

Well hello there.

Kat and the two mountain goats.

Mountain goat perched on the side of mountain and resting after the paparazzi of people photographed him earlier.

Another yellow-bellied marmot. He looks like his hand was caught in the cookie jar.

A herd of big horn sheep! We might have missed them they blend in so well with their surroundings.

Megan's favorite- the smallest baby on the left.

Mountain goats and mist.

The size of hail the night we went to the rodeo. This was pretty comparable to what we got pounded with in the mountains.

Kat's first rodeo!

It's always the scenic route in these parts.

Purple mountains majesty?

If anyone can explain what is going on in the Denver aiport with this display please share before Kat goes crazy. She thinks it has something to do with the television show LOST (4, 8, 15, 16, 24, 32)


Gearing up now for a busy PGA Tournament season! Stay tuned for a post from this years PGA Championship as well as a shoot for the Asheville Outlets!

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