Sand, Water, Mayhem and Chase54
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Thursday, July 07, 2016
By Montana Pritchard Photography
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We have had many fun filled shoots over the years for Chase 54 but this shoot was filled with many firsts. The Chase 54 team flew into Palm Beach along with models Keely from Pennsylvania and Allen from California. We set out before dawn and headed to our beach location at Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park. Capturing the sunrise is always a great start to the shoot and this one didn’t disappoint. The temperature rose as fast as the crew set up a mini studio with wardrobe, hair and makeup. Once Eric and Joe headed to the sand and set up shiny boards it was lights, camera, action!

The day took a strange turn at our last location on the inlet. We set our location and got right to business since Allen had a early flight out. We quickly realized our set was in the middle of chaos. Behind us there were medics and police trying to help someone and on the other side of the inlet local kids were jumping into the water where the boats pull through. We had two fantastic models that were both able to push through and stick their poses. You can hear Montana in the background of the video below in his zone working like normal. At the end of the day we were able to brush it all off and get amazing imagery, Allen on time to his flight and even sneak in some neat laydowns.

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Montana Pritchard - Indeed, a fantastic day!
Mish - LOVE this story and pics, it was GREAT day!
Thomas Faddis - Great photos, very cool apparel! ...but could we get some closeups of that awesome new Chase 54 cliff-diving-wear?! (Nothing's more fun than super-stylish cliff-diving, lol!)