Veiled Innocence
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
By Traci Edwards
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On Saturday the studio got the chance to host an exhibition of Montana's newest work during the Encore art show. His newest series, "Veiled Innocence," was said to be his best yet by many people that attended the show. In his previous series “Conflict of Desire” the intent was to soften and blur the lines of reality with a cloth between the subject and the lens. In this work he choose to use the cloth in a different way by showing the veil and its purpose of hiding or covering the subject. In the artist statement Montana explains “in this exhibition my objective was to show the veil and it’s purpose of hiding or covering a part of the subject. “

Veiled Innocence
a beauty revealed, honest and pure
her naiveté an interlude in a narcissistic age

electing to expose to whom she chooses,
her coverings transparent when placed under a revealing light


To see more of the work: Studio


If you missed the exhibition please stop by and take a look. We love the chance to open up our studio to meet people and share beautiful artwork. To get information on upcoming exhibitions please visit: Exhibitions

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