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Wednesday, August 21, 2013
By Megan Blank and Kat Griggs
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Ahoy from the land of palms! We have returned after a 3 week extravaganza of photographing, traveling, eating, and laughing! We started in Washington D.C., made our way to Philly for a shoot with the wonderful Sage Glass, then back down to Sterling, VA for the Junior PGA Championship, then back up to Rochester for the PGA Championship.

We began in Washington D.C. shooting the for Sage Glass in the GSA building. We popped over to Philadelphia and photographed one of their very talented architects as well. Here is a shot of Montana capturing this amazing view!

Sage glass creates panes that reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building by electronically tinting the glass at different strengths.

Montana taking another shot, we had perfect light spilling in which through the tinted glass created a stained glass pattern on the floor.


This was Kat and Megan's first trip to Philly so of course some tourist stops were a neccessity. We stopped by Pat's King of Steaks on our way into town. We also visted the Liberty Bell, Indepedence Hall, and the Love Statue. From Philly we went back to Washington D.C. On the drive we stopped in Baltimore for oysters and Natty Boh at Mama's on the Half Shell, which Kat had insisted we stop at. We all agreed that it more than met expectations and may have been one of our favorite dinners on the trip.

Did you know the original Philly Cheesesteak was made with cheese whiz? Other versions are offered with provolone or cheddar, but we opted for the original variation. And some delicious cream soda!


Independence Hall & the Love Statue in Philadelphia.

Mama's on the Half Shell-yum delicious Natty Boh and oysters. The Natty Boh cans were a special design for the Orioles while we were in town.

Once we were back in D.C. we began shooting the beautiful course at Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C. which runs along the Potomac River. This is also where the Jr. PGA Championship was held which we photographed the following weekend. While in D.C. we enojyed some fabulous dining and shopping. Our top favorites were Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington D.C. where presidents from our countries founding were said to have visited. We also loved La Chaumiere, a quaint little French country style restuarant in Georgetown where Megan had her first tasting of escargot (and enjoyed it very much) and the souffle was to die for. Ledo's Pizza also proved to be a good choice for a quick dinner, yum! We squeezed in a little time for fun and sightseeing in Washington D.C. and visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Jefferson Monument.

The Trump helicopter landed on the landing pad right in the middle of the course! This was such an awesome thing to see in person.

Ledo's pizza is a local pizza chain restaurant in Virginia and one amazing treat for a really great price.

Our souffle from La Chaumiere. It was so delicious and the aroma was sweet and potent!

A sunset photo of Kat and Megan getting some practice in with the long lenses before the Junior PGA Championship began.

The Lincoln Memorial proved to be as amazing as told, even at 12:00 in the morning which is when we visited.


Our next location took us to Rochester, NY in preparation for the PGA Championship. Upon our arrival in Rochester we ate downtown at The Frog Pond. A surprisingly delicious restaurant, we had not expected much from rochester dining and entertainment but this brunch was delicious!

We went up to Buffalo the following day and had some authentic and amazing Buffalo wings at Cole's. You haven't had wings until you have wings in Buffalo-and then no wing will ever be the same again. The PGA Championship began shortly after and took up most of our time, but we were able to squeeze in a few meals at restaurants in Pittsford and Rochester. A few of our favorite locations were Jojo Bistro and Wine Bar in Pittsford and The Pittsford Pub, which happen to be neighbors. Kat also got to visit her favorite grocery store, Wegmans, and introduced us to the best grocery store on the planet (sorry publix)!.

Mmmm, Bagel with Lox and some fresh fruit at The Frog Pond!

Buffalo wings from the one an only Cole's in Buffalo, NY.

Wegmans! Kat's favorite grocery store!

The cheese deli in Wegmans-the whole team was in heaven-we have a cheese problem.

The PGA Championship was an amazing whirlwind and an experience we will never forget. Take a look at the photos we posted on our facebook as well as links to more on

Montana going to great lengths to get a good shot of the Wanamaker Trophy, ultimately won by Jason Dufner!


We wrapped up our trip with a little adventure to Niagra Falls. We went over to the Canadian side and road the Maid of the Mist, which made the whole trip worth it. The Maid of the Mist is a boat that literally takes you inside of the Horseshoe Fall. We were somewhat dry due to our ponchos, but would have been soaked had it not been for them. We dined at the Niagra Falls Hard Rock and played a round of dinosaur putt-putt. 

A panoramic view of the falls from Canada!

Dinosaur putt-putt where Kat perfected the art of chipping.

Kat giving her ball the Keegan Bradley stare down-she means business.

The team (also known as the smurfs) on the Maid of the Mist tryed to stay somewhat dry.

The international boundary line between Canada and the U.S. A windy and chilly night on the bridge overlooking Niagra and Canada!


All in all, an amazing 3 weeks were had. We head out tomorrow on another 2.5 week adventure shooting on location for Trump National Golf Courses all across the east coast. Stay tuned for another post and check our facebook to keep updated on our adventures during the next few weeks!

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